all married off

Welp, a wedding, Thanksgiving, and a trip to Utah came and went and now we're back in the sunshine state and I'm back to the cyber world.  I purposely left my computer on the couch at home and didn't check my email on my phone for the week.  Smart?  Maybe not, but it was sure nice.  We had a great time just enjoying time with family and friends and that crisp Utah air.  It was the best.

We started off wedding festivities with a roast & toast family dinner the night before the big day with the new in-laws and what a hoot!  David's brother, Stephen, married a cute girl who is the baby of a family of 10 and she is the last to be married so it was a rather large party and so much fun.

And before we knew it it was the wedding day!!  I think weddings will always be my favorite things and part of me is sad to see all the Nemrows now married off, but in a happy, I wouldn't have it any other way, way.  And what a happy day it was - I don't think I've ever seen Stephen smile so much.

My goal of getting Dave in a bow tie was finally accomplished (thanks Coryse!), and I thought he looked quite dapper - maybe a few bow ties will be in his stocking this Christmas...

And, funny story, I got told 3 different times by 2 of my nieces that I had baby in my tummy (which I don't) while wearing the dress above (and never again the rest of the week...) - I guess those Spanx were fighting a loosing battle ;)

It was a perfect (cooold) morning and we had a great time.  And those two lovebirds?  Whipped.  Absolutely whipped.  The reception that night was equally as fun and how gorgeous!  Coryse's sisters took care of all the decor and really did a lovely job.

 And that was a wrap!  We were so glad they decided to tie the knot close to Thanksgiving so we could make it up to celebrate with them.  And that was only the first half of the week!  Geez, did we really ever have to come back from vacation...??

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