out of character

Personally, I'm a back row girl.
Always have been.
I'm even willing to compromise for a seat somewhere in the middle.
But you'll almost never see me sitting in

Almost never.

Except this Tuesday.

I bent my own rule...
I sat in the front row of my 500+ student Accounting class.

Now, I know what you're all thinking:
Why on earth is she taking Accounting??
That, my friends, is a complicated question for another time.

The facts are these:
I know my professor.
I eat Sunday dinner at his house roughly every other week.
Oh, and I'm dating his son...

So, yes, I sat in the front row.

But I've come to this conclusion:
People in the front row are...

They sit right next to you even though there are 3 empty seats on either side of both of you.
They feel it necessary to whisper their opinions to you all throughout class.
And I don't think I've ever seen someone's eyes open that wide.
Either he was intensely studying every letter on that PowerPoint slide
or maybe his eyes always look like that...
Regardless of the reason, watching him gave me a headache.

My 2nd Conclusion:
I'm moving back to the second row.


Brendan said...

Thank you for confirming all of my suspicions about those "front row people". You did what I have never been brave enough to do... mingle with them.

Christa Jeanne said...

Hey, front row can be a happening place, Brendan! (*sigh* Yes. I was one of those people back in my BYU days, depending on the class. Surprising? Not really...)