notice something...?

...like a vase of fresh flowers perhaps?

Yep, after 4 years, I'm finally taking floral design and we just had our first lab yesterday.

Cheers to having fresh flowers in the house in the middle of winter (probably the biggest perk of the class).  Plus I can name every flower in that bouquet. 
I'm feelin' pretty legit right about now.

Class tidbit:  did you know that if you don't have that little purple packet of floral food to put in your flower's water there are two at home solutions you can choose from?
(a) any lemon-lime soda pop
(b) an anti-bacteria mouth wash

Say what?

They help kill the bacteria in the water, thus making your flowers live longer.

Now you know.

P.S. our tiny apartment smells deliciously of fresh flowers right about now.  Plus plus.


Jordan and Laura said...

all i noticed when you asked notice anything is HOW CUTE YOUR APARTMENT IS!! I love it. come decorate mine? or let me steal all your ideas?

Carly Michelle said...

Laura you are so darling ;) THANK YOU! We really do need to have a game night sometime soon!