highlights no. 21

Happy February!  I have a confession to make: I've always loved Valentines day - even before I had a boy to give me flowers or chocolates (but lets be honest, I'd just buy myself some anyway). 

Now please enjoy a post of all things lovey dovey, red & pink with hearts all over.

I love you geek style

the perfect V-day card for him

how to make egg hearts - for V-day breakfast perhaps?

custom portrait stamps

how to make your own scratch off card

a small V-day gift for him and for her

how to make a heart-shaped cake

lots of free V-day prints

Pride & Prejudice hearts

how to make a giant paper rose

yummy dark chocolate heart cookies

some cute penny jar dates

how to decorate your plates w/ edible paint!

AND sexy easy hairstyles for night and day (not just for the honeymoon)


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