creative juices

They've been aflowin'  this week for some reason - perhaps it's the (long overdue) snowfall around here that has kept me indoors or something, but it's been fun to try out new ideas (or at least ones I got from Pinterest)

First of all, I am still lovin' floral design.  Pretty much a great class, and minus the back to back exams (that she gives you all the answers too) it's pretty low maintenance on the homework side of things.

Also there's snow on the ground outside and I have two vases full of fresh flowers in my apartment.

Feelin' pretty good about that right now.

 Does anyone love those yellowish orange roses as much as me? I think they're pretty amazing.  Also there's a tiny white Persian buttercup (aka: ranunculus, but I love saying buttercup so much more) hiding in there that is swoon worth.
I was doing some digging in one of my scrap craft bags yesterday (I used to work at a scrapbook store in high school so trust me when I say I have A LOT of stuff in that bag) and I found a hidden stash of the most wonderful buttons!  It was quite a find and I couldn't resist pulling up this pin to get some inspiration.  

I need to find a frame for them, but in the meantime it was fun to fiddle...

And do you guys remember THIS post from awhile back?
Well I finally pulled out the spray paint and this is how they turned out:
I love their clean, crisp look and can't wait to get some fresh flowers in them come springtime.

And that's a wrap for now, maybe next time I'll have a big impressive project to show off (or maybe not...), til then happy Friday!


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Christi Lynn said...

I love it! I have been wanting to try that. and the flowers you picked are perfect!