weekend treasures

This weekend was much spent among consignment stores, craft stores, TJ Max, Craigslist, KSL and Home Depot in an attempt to decorate our apartment before the winter frost sticks.

It's true.
Fall nesting mode has set in at last.

Bless David's heart, he was such a good sport and went with we me to more stores than he would have liked (don't worry we made necessary stops at Golden Spoon and Jamba Juice for sugar boosts), but we did find more than a few treasures I must show you:

This darling picture was hiding in the back of DI.
Where will we hang it?  No idea.
But we love it.

I grabbed, um, a few paint chips from Home Depot to start a little project.
(we'll see if it turns out at all...)

I adore this little new mirror.
Our tiny little kitchen feels a tad bit bigger now.
Not much more than a tad though.
Target gift cards!

I have to brag a little about this pillow.
I know.

 And these are my favorite.
I'll post an update when they're done and hung.
Till then you must wonder what will happen to my mismatched oddly shaped mirrors...
$9.99 a piece

A successful weekend I think.

Now we just need to find a dresser for the bedroom...

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Jordan and Laura said...

oh my, you have darling projects and decor going on! love it. you guys are great.