highlights no. 27

Happy Wednesday!  And (more importantly) happy pi day!  Did you know it was pi day - March 14th aka 3.14?  It wasn't exactly a holiday I celebrated until I started dating David.  Turns out pi day is also HIS BIRTHDAY!  So you can count on us doing some definite partyin' tonight (and probably having pie instead of cake).  In the meantime here are some great links from around the web...

some great easy artwork

surprise! - I've always wanted to try doing this

the cutest notepad

in case you need more London prints (I always do)

if girl scouts always party like this, sign me up!

this makes me want to stop by Austin, TX for a while

some great retro-inspired artwork

cute parties in a box

and some of my favorite flowers


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F as in Frank said...

What a brilliant bridal shower! Such cute ideas!