10 things I'll tell my grandkids

 (1) I'm older than Google, iphones & Facebook

(2) I was born in the 1900's

(3) I watched the rise and fall of the compact disc

(4) I remember thinking DVD's would never catch on (what could ever replace my VHS tapes?)

(5) I put rolls of film in my first camera & got them developed at Savon

(6) I've driven in cars that only have a tape player

(7) My first CD was 'N Sync

(8) My first phone was a Nokia Brick (and Snake was my favorite game)

(9) I remember having to check out books from the library to write a report

(10) and I used to Ask Jeeves

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F as in Frank said...

I totally want to copy this idea!

Christa Jeanne said...

Oh, Carly, I LOVE this!!! And I've got you beat - I still remember my first time using the interwebs (1995, Farrer Middle School library in Provo, working on a history project for the Utah centennial).

You should ask Brooke about some of these - it's funny how the youngins' experiences differ in just a few years. Tessa once said something like "What's a record?" and I was STUNNED - but when I was a kid, my brother and I regularly busted out our parents' Queen record and rocked out to "Bohemian Rhapsody." It was the Wayne's World era. We were awesome.