highlights no. 29

Dave and I are both seniors.
And it's starting to show.

We pretty much just have enough motivation left to get to the end of the semester.
Good thing that's all the motivation we need ;)

And now here's some motivation to procrastinate your homework a little bit more...

night gardening - so cute

a cute DIY

Russian roulette pizza tray (I love it)

some sweet kisses

a darling dress 

what the brain thinks about love 

how to make an AWESOME headboard 

a yummy, easy dinner

how to save your ticket stubs 

and my friend made these cupcakes the other night (SO good)



F as in Frank said...

I loved senioritis! It gave me something to blame my habit of procrastinating on!

Christi Lynn said...

i am in the same boat! the semester is so flippin close to being over. i wish it was just over all ready