a little peek

Alright, so I've developed this bad habit.  
I often promise you, dear blog world, a post to be forthcoming, and, if truth be told, I probably follow through about 35% of the time.

This is a pretty bad track record.

I mean, how will you ever be able to trust me again??
So, here I am, attempting to make amends.

This is the smallest of sneak peeks into my hair and make-up trial for the BIG day,
as promised.

The before process:

 That poor chair got completely coated in hairspray!  
Note to self: cover with towel next time

And then, of course, I had to try on my dress  to get the full effect:

And that's all I'm going to show you dear readers!
I want the wedding pictures to be a surprise, 
but I just couldn't resist sharing what a great job Swell Beauty did!

Check them out here

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