hair musings

Confession: I honestly did not learn how to curl my hair until I moved away to college.

It's true.
Ask my mom.
(she curled my hair all through high school - bless her)

My freshman roommate (undoubtedly taking pity on my lack of skills) patiently taught me how to get by with a curling iron (bless her too).

And right when I was getting the hang of the thing I decided to lop off most of my tresses into a cute little A-line bob the summer before my sophomore year.

As you can imagine, my curling iron gathered a bit of dust.

I've been growing my hair out from then till now and haven't touched the thing much in between
(except for an interesting Shirley Temple episode when I thought it was a good idea to curl my shoulder-length hair...think again)

Long story short(er), I finally have hair long enough(ish) to put a curling iron to it...and I still have no idea what I'm doing.

Enter Pinterest.

THIS was a great tutorial I found on how to curl hair in a completely different way than I've seen before (coming from the non-expert over here) so I tried it out before the basketball game the other night...

It went alright (excluding my burned forehead - inevitable), but by the end of the game, well...

Exhibit A:

And that's only after a few hours of sitting (and a few pound of hairspray mind you)

The thing is guys, my hair won't hold a curl for the life of it and I can't seem to figure out why.

Perhaps I just need to reconcile myself to my straight(ish) hair and big buns on top of my head or maybe just cut my losses and go back to the bob (or something equally as darling as this lady's hair - SO cute, right? can I do bangs?? I have no idea...My only fear is that Pinterest will become a little more depressing...ya know, when I'll see things like this, this or this - I'm just going to have to prepare myself.)

But I digress.

The point is I'm on the hunt for the key to keeping my curls for more than an hour, it's possibly impossible, but your comments would be much appreciated!



Chelsie Clarke said...

Okay Carly, I have AN EVEN BETTER way to curl your hair for you... point the tip of the curling iron towards the ground and wrap your hair around it, spiraling down the curling iron, does that make sense? You don't use the clamp at all. THAT works really well. The only way I curl my hair.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand when you say your hair falls from curling fast. My hair is too, pin straight. Although, I found a technique on my hair that is the only thing I can do (that I know of) that works wonders! I use my chi straightener to curl my hair. There are tons of youtube videos that show how. Not sure if it will work on your hair, but it's worth a try! I've noticed using a flat iron to curl my hair it works best when my hair isn't SUPER long. I just got my hair cut to a couple of inches past my shoulders with layers and it works really great right now.

Good luck! Hope that is helpful for you!

Rachel Ann said...

One thing to keep in mind that might be even more important than how you curl your hair is the products you are using when do. The pound of hairspray you mentioned might actually be part of your downfall. If you have too much product your hair gets heavier/oilier faster and will make the curl fall out more.

I would suggest using a medium hold aerosol hairspray. I love Fructis personally because it is cheap and it works. Section off your hair and spray LIGHTLY BEFORE you curl. Then when you are totally finished styling you can add another LIGHT coat.

I'd also suggest trying to really get a lot of volume into your hair when you blow dry it. Flip your head upside down and get all your roots to go out. The more volume the better.

Good luck!

Carly Michelle said...

Thanks girls! I'm going to try a few things...expect a follow up post in the near future ;)