great success

Since we've been married it's become a big deal when we get out of the house and hang out with another couple.
But it's true.

When we were dating it was just to be expected.  We hung out with roommates and doubled on lots of dates {until we got engaged, of course - we happily kept to ourselves at that point}

Now that we're married we mostly spend our time at the apartment.

A typical Friday night will include making dinner together, talking, cleaning the house and watching something from RedBox {Netflix is starting to let us down}, or Downton Abbey or Burn Notice...
Oh and a bowl of ice cream & milk.  Always.

ANYWAYS we got out of the routine this last Friday night and hung out with James & Jani {who are so stinkin' cute by the way}

We strolled around a 20(ish) degree downtown Provo walking from gallery to free gallery {with free treats too} all apart of the Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll.

Yeah, we're pretty cultured.
We look at art on Friday nights.

I'm also ridiculous and I only took pictures of this umbrella room...and none of those pictures involve me and David standing together {or any of me for that matter} - FAIL.

It turned out to be a lovely night all the same, topped off with homemade crepes and good company.

Maybe we should hang out with other people more often...

Side Note: This little gallery stroll is on the first Friday of every month here in Provo, and Dave and I have been trying to go to it since we started dating - as in September of 2010.  And we finally went last Friday.  Please hold your applause.


James and Jani said...

YAY!! We are glad yall had so much fun!! We did too!! and Netflix is letting us down too!!! So lame! But we need to do something again!

Carly Michelle said...

Yes please!