highlights no. 23

the true definition of winter

everything you need for the cutest party on the block

I LOVE these pillows

a couple more reasons why I love Downton Abbey: #1 & #2

great stamps

a bunch of great free fonts

love ever after - such a sweet idea!

I love me a good IKEA hack

wrapping paper tape

gorgeous city silhouettes

how to shop in teen stores at any age!

macro snowflake photography

I'm going to take THIS theory and run with it...

this made me chuckle

pillows I could (maybe) make!

and a game I would love to have in my backyard, wouldn't you?


Lauren K said...

Thanks for the link love :) Especially happy because it brought me to your lovely blog!

Carly Michelle said...

No problem Lauren! Your blog is definitely link worthy and a treat to read ;)