early presents

My plan didn't exactly line up with the 14th so we had to improvise.

1) A 'romantic' crock-pot dinner was planned and prepared and eaten.

A little taste of home-style cookin' (thanks to a recipe book full of my momma's best) and do you like our little Hawaii magnet?  It is seriously the only thing we brought back from our honeymoon.  I had such plans to collect some serious tangible memories...turns out stuff is more expensive in the middle of the Pacific ocean (and I didn't need a hula boy for my dashboard).

And then off to the main event.

2) Tickets to The 39 Steps at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem
Last time I saw this play I was on another lovely island toward the east:

The plane flight wasn't quite so long to the theatre Thursday night, but the show was just as good.

p.s. have you ever been to the Hale Center Theatre, my dear Utah friends?  It's kind of adorable - and to be honest we were among the youngest folks in the audience.  It was awesome.

All in all a great date night.  We just pretended it was the 14th ;)


Tobler said...
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Kathleen said...

What a great night. I was looking at the recipe and remembered that I got it from Jennie Turner-Brazel when we were in the same married ward at BYU. Kind of fun since you grew up with Morgan.

Carly Michelle said...

Turns out that recipe has come full circle back to a married ward at BYU ;)