highlights no. 24

Congrats for getting halfway through the week!  Friday is now two days closer than it was before.
Let's celebrate:

my favorite candle

haven't watched this for a while - still laughing

the United Plates (I'd like a piece of Maryland please)

what to do with a 5-hour layover

cute DIY dry-erase calendar

the perfect skirt

lovely hand lettering
     plus some free fonts!

a million things to do with a mason jar (okay, it's more like 50ish things)

a little encouragement


great business cards

the truth

I'm all about an easy Jcrew copy

this seems too good to be true

a quote I need to put on my wall

how to look good in pictures

these are on my to-make list

I love Tangled, ergo I need to make this soup

And last, but not least, for all you Downton Abbey fanatics (including myself), these paper dolls are a hoot

P.S. Just in case you're getting married next month, THIS GIRL is great and she's offering her picture snapping services for FREE - regardless you really ought to check her out.


Abby O! said...

Just so you know I'm not officially blog stalking you and you can stalk back if you'd like (so it's not really THAT weird thesecretlifeofcjabby.blogspot.com)

Abby O! said...

and by not I mean now... yea, not much sleep last night.

Carly Michelle said...

Mmm I think since we're related it doesn't 'technically' count as stalking...right? Also I've officially added you to my blog list.