highlights no. 25

Happy LEAP DAY!!  Hope your February 29th is a good one (because you won't get a second chance for a better one anytime in the near future...)

Enjoy some highlights from around the web!

I'm all over these city inspired wedding ideas

check out how popular Pinterest really is

these pictures are oddly interesting

lovin' the neon

a great DIY mug

I've always loved The Sound of Music

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog...seriously

such a darling idea for a little one

the perfect one piece (of course it's from Jcrew, did you really have to ask?) 

don't call me Oscar

 a great use of ombre

if I had an Ipad...THIS would be a great cover

sign me up for this painted cakes class

and how to pack TEN days worth of clothes in your CARRY-ON luggage (I'm still not sure this is possible...)

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