highlights no. 22

Happy Wednesday!  We've made it halfway through the week (which means I'm done with classes - yippee!  it's good to be a senior.)

Here are some highlights from around the web:

33 fixes for an empty stomach - things that will fill you up with less calories

a great quote to live by

THIS is adorable (Dave and I have watched it oh...just a few times)

darling Thank You cards

I am most definitely going to make this map for all our adventures

the everyday wave

how to throw yourself a proper pity party

DIY gold dipped bowls

grocery store sale cycles...good stuff to know

who wouldn't wanna adopt these cute pups?

urban camouflage

mini lego realism

The Pond.  A darling little shop.

how to speak French.  Please laugh.

an interesting concept...I wouldn't say no to one every month...

a (FREE downloadable) paper city Paris!


and p.s. THIS is my cute cousin and his bride-to-soon-be, how darling are they right?  I LOVE all the color


Misty said...

Thanks for the link! I appreciate the support.

Carly Michelle said...

No problem Misty! It's such great info to keep on hand - thanks for compiling it!