highlights no.47

Happy (almost) Labor Day weekend!  Were looking forward to no work on Monday and a long weekend down in Orange Country with family, consisting of the beach and good food.  Honestly, I don't think I need much else in life than those three things to be happy.  But until then here are some fun finds from around the web for entertainment :

cool feather printing

cute Iphone cases from A to Z

yellow pizza truck cameos (I didn't know some of these!)

the worst haircut ever as told by two sisters under age 5 - I dare you not to smile while listening to this

some GREAT money saving tips

every way to tie a scarf

how cute would it be to have your own signature gift wrap?  everyone would always know it's from you!

I'm pretty sure I need THIS shirt

one day with my best girls

what WE look like from MARS!

the tip tops of Paris

water wigs

& lastly, I'm lovin' all these Call Me Maybe covers, and THIS ONE is another gem - thanks boys!


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