The first time David told me he loved me we were sitting on a blanket enjoying a warm September night on a hill in Rock Canyon Park staring at the stars.  It was sweet, romantic, unexpected, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  It's definitely fun to look back on that night now - how young and excited we were to be using those 3 words.  It was a big deal - the sort of big deal I almost couldn't bear to tell anyone about it, it was such a big deal.

And yes, in case you were wondering, about five minutes after our sweet little moment, the sprinklers DID go off and we had to run for cover.

We got soaked.

Oh the memories.

Anywho, that night seems like FOR-EVER ago now, but it came to mind last night when David had a great idea.

We grabbed a blanket and a box of granola and headed up the path to the park by our house for a little stargazing of our own.  To be honest, Dave's star-mapping app on his new phone made it a lot more fun (because we actually kind of knew of we were looking at), but mostly it was fun to almost feel like we were single again sitting on a hill in Rock Canyon Park. . .

Picture via Mr. Printables


Annie said...

Your 3 little words story is perfection. It sounds like it is straight out of a movie!

And what a fun way to reminisce.

Christa Jeanne said...

Ummmm, this made me grin - that park really is the best place to stargaze in Provo! Lots of happy memories there, too, albeit none as darling as breaking out the L-word. ;) What a fun story!