Sunday dinner

Lots of times our Sunday dinner ends up being leftovers from Saturday night, but not this week!  We actually sat down and made something - and something new at that.  Go.  Us.

Last night's menu consisted of feta & mozzarella spinach wrapped crescent rolls + fruit and yogurt (or cottage cheese, in David's case), and a showing of Jumanji - when was the last time you watched that movie?  I think I was probably 10. . .

Anyway, it was fresh, yummy, and easy.  We gave the rolls a 4 outta 5, probably for the feta.  But don't misunderstand me - we love feta - it just wasn't either of our favorite melted down in these rolls.  We might need to experiment with some other cheese choices for next time.

All in all a nice, relaxing Sunday evening - and now it's Monday again - which means back to the grindstone (for David anyway).  If I had my way we'd rewind back to THIS Monday...maybe I'll just have to pretend I'm at the beach today - pool day anyone?

P.S. Yes I did change my header again...we'll see if this one lasts for more than two weeks this time.

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