To celebrate our first 365 days of marriage, David planned a surprise celebration for the two of us, and, lucky for me, it involved delicious food.  He knows me all too well.

We got in the car and drove south to LA, got off at Santa Monica Blvd., and traipsed our way toward Beverly Hills.  We stopped outside a small little restaurant with a saber-tooth tiger skull hung up next to the door.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit hesitant about going inside, but I needn't have been.  THE SHERBOURNE might have some eclectic decor, but the food (oh the food!), and the delightful service were the best.

We had a fabulous time trying every dish that caught our eye (like tasting scallops for the first time), chatting up our server (an up and coming Hollywood actress), and enjoying the ambiance of the restaurant (saber-tooth tiger skulls and all).

We didn't enjoy any of that food.
Not at all. . .

And, yes, even though I hated to ask our server to take a picture with flash in this dark, quaint little restaurant, I did it anyway.  For memories.

It was worth it.

Cheers to our first year together sweetheart!  Let's have many more to come!


Annie said...

Happy Day! What a fun evening.
Congrats and here's to many more happy years for you!

A&M Gassin said...

Y'all are so cute, Carly! Hope y'all are doing well and loving life! By the looks of it, you are. :)