the purchase

So, let me tell you about my apartment:

It has 2 stories.
First floor is kitchen, 
living room
and dining room.
Basement is bathrooms 
and bedrooms.
(3 points for alliteration?)

The door opens right at the top of the stairs...

Every time someone opens the door even a tiny crack a diabolical draft (2 more points?) of chilled November air rushes, 
not onto our warm and toasty main level, 
but down the stairs into our bedrooms...
And then it just sits there.
It laughs at us as it chills all tile floors and metal appliances so that we dread getting into bed at night because we know even our sheets will be infiltrated with that dreaded 30 degree little demon.
(lots of points)

Well I found a solution.
(For my sheets at least)

I bought an 
electric blanket.

Take that November draft!
My sheets are now toasty and chill-proof and I've stopped wearing socks to bed because my feet are always warm now.

You really might as well just give up and get warm again because I've basically already won the war.

Please tell December that snow will not be necessary this year.

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