social graphing

Okay so most of the time I think Facebook apps aren't worth my attention.
(And most of the time I know I'm right)

I don't "Like" anyone's pages,
I rarely check the events I've been invited to,
and it's been ages since I've posted pictures.

this is kind of cool.

It's called "Social Graph" and this is what it makes for you:

These are my 774 friends on Facebook and how they are all linked to one another.

Interestingly enough, and upon closer inspection, they all end up being grouped into smaller subcategories:

The closer people are to the middle the more connections they have,
and they are all interconnected.

Small world, huh?

Which is probably, in large part, due to Facebook...
Food for thought.

P.S. Yes, this is another gem I've picked up from my Organizational Behavior class.

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Brendan said...

Ha... it took me a long time but I finally found me.