pizza, aprons & a blue kitchen

Making pizza could quite possibly be the one of those perfect date ideas

{and I'm not just saying that because it was mine & David's first - the pepperoni pizza we made was to die for in case you were wondering}

Don't you agree?

You chat.
You make something together.
And then you get to eat what you made.
This is a great combination.

At least we think so:

And it was a swell night.

Please Note: the green slices on our pizzas are green peppers, even though they kind of look like green beans

Hurray for a successful Friday night of boys wearing our aprons,
& being squished in our little blue kitchen


Tobler said...

Wait! I didn't know you guys had a foosball table! How did I not know that?!

C said...

The foosball table has been a staple in our apartment for the last TWO years...you must come back to Provo more often

aprons said...

Wow I really love these aprons! How cute!