The weather here is starting to weird me out.

 8:00 am

I woke up to a snow storm.
Three inches were piled on the ground and it was still dumping.
I opened my blinds and watched the snow fall for the next hour strait.

I thought today would consist of thick socks and multiple layers.

 12:00 pm

It stopped snowing.
Walking under any tree was treacherous due to the fear of becoming a walking target for large chunks of melting snow.
Puddles the size of small lakes formed around my apartment complex and were so deep they soaked all the way through my high quality Walmart moccasins.

 11:50 pm

There's nothing left.
Oh, there's a patch of white left on every other lawn, but for the most part you'd never knew it snowed today.
It's even 40 degrees (at midnight) and I didn't shiver a bit walking from the car to my apartment.
This is unheard of.

I don't understand you, Utah, but I'd like to keep up this 
'warm enough not to wear a jacket in February' trend 
if it's alright with you?

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