on the move

Currently our life is in flux.  Moving is eminent, but not quite here yet.  The walls in our little postage stamp are now white and seem so much bigger than they did before.  Bigger and emptier.  The fact that our kitchen is still fully stocked constantly reminds me of the fact that I need to pack it up (and we need to eat our food faster).  And our bedroom is trying so hard to be packed, but in so doing, it's just becoming a big mountain of clothes.

Oh moving.  I've only ever done this for one before.  Not that David will be adding a lot of belongings to the truck (that boy could fit everything he owns in the trunk of our CRV, no problem), but that lovely wedding of ours did add a few things to the pile.  Also those two couches we bought, that big queen-size bed of ours, and a handful of other furniture we picked up over this school year.  Yes, I think we'll be able to fill up that moving truck of ours quite nicely. 

Picture via Luli Sanchez
Found via Pinterest

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