While we were down apartment hunting in California, we spent a goodly amount of time hanging out with my parents.  Can I just tell you how excited I am to live closer to them?  The only problem is that we'll have to give up the 5 minute drive to David's parent's house in favor of a 9 hour drive through 4 states...darn.  Why can't we have both??

Anyways, while we were down in California my parents were kind enough to invite us along to the Coldplay concert they had extra tickets to down at the Hollywood bowl.  Um, awesome.  And let me tell you, Coldplay puts on a pretty good show.

They started out with an outrageous firework show in their first song, followed by big bouncy balls being released into the crowd, tons of confetti (that didn't even come close to reaching us up in the nose bleed seats) and big blow-ups popping up in the audience.

Oh, and see all those little colorful dots in the crowd?  They're light up wristbands!  We were all given one at the door and they lit up during certain songs.  If that doesn't get you dancin' I don't know what will.

Conclusions: we had a great time, we're excited to move to California, and life is grand.

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Chelsie Clarke said...

Coldplay puts on a FANTASTIC show! My times at colplay concerts are some of my most valued experiences bahaha TOO GOOD! Im so jealous.