5:45 AM - Waving goodbye to Brendan and Megan's Budget truck as they pulled out onto 700 North and off to Ohio.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry a little when we crawled back into bed to try and go back to sleep.  We're going to miss those two a lot.  A lot, a lot.

9:00 AM - Massage.  A prep for moving, deep-tissue massage.  This was a good decision.  Thank goodness for birthday presents from a thoughtful mother-in-law.

10:00 AM - Finally get ready for the day.  And when I say "ready," I mean showering off the massage oil and throwing my packing sweats back on.

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM - PACKING.  (With a Facebook/Pinterest/ snack-break here and there)

And now?  We're almost done.  It's the just the odds and ends left to scoop up and find a box for.  We're planning to load the truck tomorrow, eat one last (A-mazing) Hawaiian snow cone from the shack on Canyon, go to church on Sunday, have family dinner, and shove off Monday morning.

Let the weekend begin!

Picture via Note To Self
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