highlights #91

Ok, I'm not making any excuses.  I haven't blogged in a week and that's that.  We're over it.  Dave and I are currently enjoying some time away from home courtesy of his job.  I've never been to Palm Springs before, but I'll give a full report when we come back (and a sum up of our super colorful hotel - so fun).  For now I'm lounging around the pool and laughing that it feels wayyyy more like summer than it did last week.  97 degrees will do that to ya.

Here are some fun finds from the web:

good design advice

this looks like fun

I'll stay at any of these places, I'm not picky...

I'm a Hugh Jackman fan

my blazer of choice

your face shape

American vs British snacks - hilarious

the prettiest chickens

the perfect grilled cheese - I'll for sure give this a go

I could listen to this all day

and these comics are great


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