baby journal: week 7

Journal from Thursday, April 3rd ● Posted 5.27.14

Welp, we hit 7 weeks yesterday, and  aside from the quese, no physical sign of this little bean has sprouted.  Which is probably a good thing.  And, we've only taken four bump pictures, but I'm already having a hard time finding new spots to take somewhat picturesque photos!  We need to take more evening walks...

The best news so far is that we went to the doctor for the first time today!!  And we got to see our little lad or lady up on the ultrasound screen.  What a crazy experience.  When the doctor first found that cute little blob and told us it was our baby, I just laughed and said,  
"Really??  You mean there's really a baby in there??"   

He probably thought I sounded a little nutty, but I had this completely irrational fear that they would send me home telling me I'd had food poisoning all this time.  Nope.  It's not true: there really and truly is a little growin' baby in there and we got to hear his/her (whatever - the baby's) heartbeat for the first time which was so amazing.  It was beating so so fast, which I didn't expect, but was assured it's totally normal.  We also gleaned a shiny new due date: November 14th, 2014.  I knew it would be in that ballpark, but it's so great to have a medical pro tell you what he thinks: and that he thinks that everything is A-okay!  It was the hugest relief for a worried new mama's mind.

You see that little white (adorable) blob in the middle?  That's a baby.  Holy smokes.  Our baby.  So great.

In other news, this little blueberry sized person has hit me with all the nausea his/her little body can manage.  How can something so small make my stomach churn so much??  I've just discovered peppermint Altoids which seem to help (placebo effect?  Who cares) and I think I'll have a tin of those with me for the next 8 months, thank you very much.

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