highlights #90

Happy Hump Day!  It's starting to look like spring has sprung around here what with friends having babies (and me becoming an aunt!!), flowers on the table, and, of course, it's April!  My favorite month - birthdays will do that to ya.  But what would spring be without a seasonal cold, and, lucky us, both Dave and I decided to catch it this time round.  I'm on the up and out and Dave is right behind me, but the plus side to all our sniffling has been that Dave has been able to work from home the past few days - a rare treat indeed after our first real busy season on the job.  I'm in heaven (and trying not to distract him too much - cue blogging;)

Here are some fun finds from around the web:

it's not what you think

these would be the best party balloons

the perfect swimsuit

portraits of daily meals around the world

a new kind of toaster

what it's like to name products (I've always wanted this job...or to name ice cream flavors, I'm not picky)

what not to put in the fridge

would you waffle?

How I Met Your Mother meets Les Miserables = so great

the happiest cities in the US - atta go Provo

fun facts about NYC

the pitfalls of marrying an American woman (hilarious)

pretty great home videos

good tips for traveling on the cheap in London

and, quite possibly, the best April Fools joke I've heard of


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