baby journal: week 6

Journal from Monday, March 31st ● Posted 5.27.14

Taking bump pics in these early stages is pretty hilarious.  First of all, we always seem to take them right after I've eaten dinner so...yes, that is fully and totally a food baby.  And secondly (since we haven't told anybody yet) I always feel like we're sneaking around trying to get a clandestine shot of my nonexistent tummy.  It's pretty funny.  Quick, Dave!  Is anybody watching?  Let's grab a shot really fast.  Alright, act natural.  Haha, it will be kind of nice to have everybody know our big news just so we don't have to run around like that anymore.  Ok, mostly it's just me.

I stayed the better part of last week with my parents while Dave was away on business and I gotta tell you, they spoiled me rotten.  Shopping and whatever I wanted to eat, bringing me water, and crackers, and anything I needed.  Imagine what it will be like when I'm 8 months along ;)  Anyways, it was lovely and, by some lovely miracle, my nausea decided to take a hike.  And the more I ate?  The better I felt.  Weird.  I know.

Of course, that good spell couldn't last.  I picked up David Saturday night and fought off the queasiness on Sunday.  And don't even get me started on this morning.  I got Dave out the door for work and climbed right back into bed.  Not one of my finer moments.  Ah well.

One of the funner points of this past week is that we finally got to tell David's parents that they're going to be grandparents again!  We've been trying to get a hold of them since last Sunday (when we told my parents), but what with them being busy missionary bees we haven't been able to.  Even last night was a challenge with Norm doing paperwork for the mission and Cindy being on the phone, David had to rally them both to the computer screen (we Skyped) with the lie that we just needed to ask them one little questions and then they could get back to what they were doing.   David's younger brother happened to be there too, but we swore them all to secrecy until we decide to tell the rest of the family...which will be?  Easter-ish?  We'll see.

We also have my first appointment with the OB this week!  I'm crazy amounts of excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and know that all is well.  After that I don't know how I'm going to keep my mouth shut!  Good thing I have two excited grandmas to gush to when I feel the urge ;)

With baby the size of a sweet pea my main symptoms are:
  • constant mild nausea - which I combat with all sorts of peppermint remedies, saltines, and tons of water - so far so good(ish)
  • tired, oh so, oh so, oh so tired.  Going to bed early is my best friend
  • oh yeah, and the skin of a pre-teen.  Pretty sure this last one is just a cruel joke from nature - fingers crossed it works itself out ASAP

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