best. day. ever.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
It was a pretty darn stinkin' fabulous day.

First of all it started off feeling like a Saturday.  No complaints here.  A pho-Saturday morning and then a text updating the family that my siser-in-law was in labor and the first Tobler grand-baby would be born in the next 24-ish hours??  Pretty fantastic.

Then Dave stayed and worked from home until I dropped him off at the airport in the afternoon to catch a flight to Dallas for business and I headed down to Orange County to spend the rest of the week with my parents.

When I got home my mom and I putzed around, ate Golden Spoon, and got a few things done until (at 5:39 PM California time) Brooke ran down the stairs with her computer bubbling about how she got an email from BYU Admissions and how she only got past Congratulations.  This cute girl has worked so hard to get into her #1 college of choice and it finally paid off.  We danced and cried and couldn't have been happier.  And then promptly signed her up for fall classes ASAP.

Then, a few hours later, we got the most wonderful text saying that the cutest (and first!) Tobler grandbaby had been born!!!!

Hazel Michelle Tobler

6 pounds, 13 ounces, perfectly perfect, and born at 8:38 PM Ohio time.  That was ONE MINUTE before Brooke got her acceptance email.  Just saying, that was a pretty good two minutes in the Tobler household.

We were all pretty giddy from AM to PM and I'm pretty sure today won't be able to top that.

And PS can it be April 21st already so I can fly to Ohio and snuggle that cutest of cute baby??  I'm dying over here!!

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