the saguaro

This past week, David had a client in Palm Springs which required him to travel on location.  When he was extended the assignment he chafed just a little bit and told them how much he'd been traveling lately (a lot) to which they responded, oh, you can bring your wife with you.  Which, of course, changed everything ;)

Now, I've never been to Palm Springs before, but there is, indeed, a first time for everything.  I've always envisioned Palm Springs as a valley full of seniors, golf courses, and shopping.  Well, I was right about the elderly communities, but we didn't see a single golf course the whole time we were there and I was a tad underwhelmed by the shopping options.  If I drove a half hour outside of town the outlets were promising, but in Palm Springs?  Not so much.

One of our favorite things about our trip was the food, oh such good, good food.  I will most definitely be missing a certain sandwich joint and the most delicious raspberry sorbet in the coming weeks.

Along with the cuisine, our hotel was decked to the nines in the colors of the rainbow which was endlessly charming and pretty much the only thing I took pictures of the whole time we were there.  Albeit, the only other options were selfies taken while Dave was working all day or restaurant table pictures during our meals together, both of which I'm happy to avoid.

Insert photo dump of palm trees and this super fun hotel:

We ended up leaving on Thursday instead of Friday due to a change in David's schedule, but I was pretty A-OK about getting outta there sooner rather than later.  Turns out the Coachella music festival starts there today and the crowds of party people were already starting to be ushered in by the bus-full by the time we were quiting town.  Yep, time to go.

Adios Palm Springs!  Till next time. 

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Nikki Cornwell said...

This hotel seriously looks soo fun. I love all the colors. You got some great pictures!