baby journal: week 9

Journal from Sunday, April 20th ● Posted 5.27.14

Week 9!  Week 9!  We made it to month 3!  And holy smokes, keeping this little bean a secret was starting to drive me up the wall!  I'm just too excited to tell everyone!  We decided to pop the news to our siblings/extended family on Easter, but before that the little peanut and I got to go to the doctor again for another check up and ultra sound.  So far these are for sure my favorite parts of being pregnant - getting to see that little bean up on the screen?  Makes it feel so real.

David wasn't able to come with me this week so I gave him a quick call when the doctor found the heartbeat so he could hear it too and gosh, I don't think that will ever get old.  That's our little baby's heart in there pumping away.  Crazy to think that one day that little heart will run around on its own, fall down, get back up, and make its own decisions, but for right now it's just a tiny a little muscle barely beginning to grow.  Ok, that got a little sappy, but I'm pregnant.  Comes with the territory.  Anyways it was so fun to share that with David over the phone, but...seems my phone was a little overly excited because it decided to FaceTime my sister-in-law, Kristin, when I put it away!  While I was still having the ultra sound done!  No!  Hang up!  Don't pick up!  Ahhh!  We haven't told them we're pregnant yet!!  It was all too funny and my doctor and I had a good laugh.

We told both of our families this weekend that they should be expecting another niece or nephew this fall and both were crazy excited for us.  We called the Nemrows on Saturday night while they were celebrating all the April birthdays (including moi) and told Scott - one of the birthday boys - that we had a present for him, but he might have to wait a while to get it.  It was so fun to have all the Nemrow clan together so we could tell everyone at once, getting passed around from person to person via iPad and guessing what we'll have.

We told the Toblers on Easter when we had a big family Skype sesh.  David and I tried to be creative, but when my brother asked how we were doing I just decided to say, Great!  We're going to have a baby!  That seemed to do the trick ;)

As of nine weeks this little olive sized human being has:
  • Made me feel like I'm sucking on pennies.  Seriously.  The weirdest pregnancy symptom.
  • Has grown by half since we saw the doctor last!  From .10 mm to .25 mm - grow baby grow!
  • Starting to poke out in my tighter fitting shirts - I'm probably the only one who's really noticing, but it's begun!

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