baby journal: week 23

The 3rd trimester is looming ever closer around here, but the fatigue thought it'd jump the gun by a month or so and get a move on around here.  Afternoon naps, welcome back old friend.

My bump is still staying pretty modest, which is fine by me, but we made a fun discovery a week or so back.  According to my grandma Tobler, her mother - so, my great grandma Pendleton - carried her baby's pretty nonchalantly as well, not showing much of a bump for most of her pregnancy.  So, maybe this is genetic!  Fun to make connections.

My body also doesn't seem to be able to make a decision about these hormones of mine.  Some days my face is clear and free of all spots, and the next?  12-year-old preteen pizza face.  Oh hormones, you are an adventure (that's a nice way of putting it...).

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