highlights #100

Well lookie there, this is my 100th highlights post.  That's kind of amazing friends.  Where does the time go??  Crazy stuff.  Summertime is starting to really heat up around here and this internal heater of mine isn't paying attention.  I mean, I tried to wear actual pants today and lets just say that wasn't the best idea. Whilst I crank the air and try to stay at a reasonable temperature, my nesting instincts have started to kick in...somewhat.  Ok, ok I just went to Homegoods and Ikea this week, that's all, but it's a start!!  Hopefully the ball keeps rolling...

While I go peruse Pinterest for some more organizing ideas, here are some fun finds from around the web:

how to take a nap and save your hair - genius!!

I couldn't own this shirt, because I'd probably never wear anything else...

so great for kiddos

Claude and I are on the same page

made me laugh

hidden meanings behind logos

great cards

if I was just a bit more brave...

fun print

genius ways to upgrade an ugly cord (especially love the jute)


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