a weekend of free

Whilst I sit on the couch, between loads of laundry, listening to the plumber grunt as he unstops our kitchen sink on this grey and socked in Monday morning, all I really want to do is go back and do this weekend over again.  (And the plumber just gave me a talking to about putting egg shells and carrot shavings down our garbage disposal.  I've always done that!  When did this become a no-go?  And how come no one told me?)

This weekend started off with a free Shakespeare in the park and a picnic of corn dogs, ham sandwiches, and broccoli salad.  No judging on the corn dogs though, okay?  My pregnant belly has been craving them since about week 9 and I just now slicked my thirst for that wonderful fried treat.  I'm pretty sure the LA peeps sitting around us were giving me the stink eye as they feasted on their red wine, cheese, and fruit.  Whatever.  Pass the ketchup, please!

The show was great and free so there's really nothing to complain about (except maybe the park bathrooms...).  This month the company is performing the Bard's, Twelfth Night, and we got some good kicks out of it.  A little ways in I started to put the dots together and remembered that She's the Man is based on this Shakespearean comedy and all of a sudden the convoluted plot started to make a lot more sense (don't try to read the Wiki page on it - just don't).

We had a great, simple night out and we'll definitely be going back next month for Taming of the Shrew, which I've never seen before.  Should be fun.

To keep in theme with a weekend of free entertainment we heard about a free outdoor movie showing just across the street from us on Saturday night at this local pop shop.  Dave and I are pretty big root beer fans, plus who turns down a free showing of Hunger Games?  We walked over a little late (lesson planning for Sunday went longer than expected...), and shared a blueberry, vanilla float whilst watching Katniss volunteer for tribute.  It was pretty delightful to just walk across the street.  Literally.  Next week they're showing Jurassic Park: you better believe we'll be there.

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Frederic Philhower said...

I think your plumber has a point. It's really a bit of a risk to throw those things in there, because the slightest of them can lead to a major clog. At least you had that guy around to keep the even worse stuff from occurring. Having said that, good day!

Frederic Philhower @ Pure Plumbing Service