baby journal: week 20

HALLLLLLLLLFFFF WAYYYYYYY!  We did it!  I can hardly believe we're on the downhill slide of this whole experience.    This banana sized baby is squirming on the regular and making himself known more and more every day.  And that baby bump is starting to look just like it's name: a bump!  Well, kind of.  I keep feeling pretty big and then I look in the mirror and it's like...oh yeah, well, not that much, but it's bigger

I honestly thought I'd have myself a nice rotund baby belly at this point...but not quite.  Silly how so many of my surmisings about pregnancy have been decidedly proven false.  Not surprising, but often very funny.  Like how I've always been wayyyy more worried about labor and delivery and almost never gave a thought to the 9 months leading up to it.  (Turns out those are worth a titch of thought.)  Or how I was so sure feeling the baby kick would feel like a scene out of Alien, and, in reality, is so so very cool.  Or how I was certain being pregnant would be this completely foreign experience, when it actually has felt so natural and completely normal.

One of the biggest mind benders has been finding out I'm growing a little boy inside of me.  I mean, I'm a girl.  How could my body be making anything but girlish things??  It took me a while to adjust to the fact that everything going on inside of me is all boy, but I've come round, of course.  I can't wait to teach this little dude how to be a gentleman, to dance with a lady, and to be kind and courteous of others.  Good thing he's got a great example for all of the above in his daddy.

Fortunately, being a little later on in my pregnancy, I didn't get nauseous on the plane ride to Utah and back this weekend, but sitting for an hour and a half?  Still not fun.  And Utah summers can get pretty hot when your a walking incubator.  Just saying.

My favorite thing to do now a days?  Sitting and watching my belly jump around with each little kick and then grabbing David's hand so he can feel them too.  Holy smokes, that's the best.

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