baby journal: week 21

Well, we saw the doc this past week, and that little baby of ours is still for sure a little man.  When we found out the gender a few weeks ago, the doctor gave us just a bit of pause when he said he was 80% sure we were having a little boy, but not to go painting the nursery blue till after our next ultrasound.  Well, confirmed.  That right there, ladies and gents, is a bouncing baby boy bump.

Also, I gained, um, 6 pounds since my last appointment a month ago...say what??  I blame it on my mother-in-laws delicious cooking over the 4th of July weekend ;)  I couldn't resist!!  Pass the fruits and veges please.

Baby boy is weighing in at just shy of one pound and about the size of a pomegranate, which is pretty darn big you guys!  I mean, going from seeing an ultrasound where he was just a tiny little bean to this week where his whole body was almost too big to fit on the monitor screen?  So crazy how he's changed and grown.  And that nose?  I'm betting this little guy looks just like Dave when we meet him in just a few short months!  Doc checked on all the vital bones and body parts and so far so good: two legs, two arms, fingers, toes, head.  Just what we like to hear.  Little dude was also being a show off and crossing and uncrossing his cute little legs for us and twisting all about flailing his tiny arms.  Looks like he's inherited his daddy's dance moves ;)

In other silly pregnant news, a stranger in the checkout line noticed I was pregnant for the first time.  My bump has been super gradual in showing himself, and I don't own too many tighter tops so it's not always obvious, but it was so fun to have someone notice without me telling them!  I'm sure this will be something that become more and more annoying as I get bigger and bigger and bigger, but for now?  It's the funnest. 

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