highlights #101

Hey, hey good news around here: it looks like we found a couch!  It could use a good cleaning, and we still need to figure out how to transport it, but, you know, little details.  We also scored a pretty snazzy crib (for less than half it's original price, thank you very much) that's got me feeling pretty good as well.  Thank you Craigslist all around, you are the best.

Whilst I peruse for more nursery furniture (affordable dressers anyone?  what rocking chair do you like?), here are some fun finds from the web:

perspectives of beauty from around the world

a new kind of s'mores

love a good ikea hack


a powerful statement

some cute free kitchen art

a foreigner's experience in Japan

some great ways to hide an eyesore 

I will never get sick of looking at engagement rings

how to get your curls to stay

let's be honest, I really want to make these

the goal for my kitchen


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