baby journal: week 24

Some form of a nesting impulse has finally come to light and we're working on the nursery over here.  We nailed down the crib pretty fast, but I'm having a hard time finding a rocking chair/ glider that I like.  The hunt, as they say, is on.  Here are few options I'm considering: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4.  We shall see.  I'm also on the lookout for a nice little dresser to make into a changing table.  Once those guys are nailed down then it's the fun stuff: mobiles, pictures, painting.  Is it time for those things yet, please??

Baby boy is getting stronger and stronger all the time.  Dave keeps being so surprised by the force of his kicks which is so fun to watch.  I also informed Dave the other night, that the average length of a baby is around 20 inches, and I think his jaw dropped a little.  Gleaning some new-found mama respect around here.

Right now, the little guy is about the size of a cantaloup (holy huge), but Dave and I had a brilliant, 11:30 PM idea.  Instead of measuring how big the baby is by comparing it to a piece of fruit, we should start comparing it to candy instead.  You know, you start with your baby the size of Nerd and then work your way through Laffy Taffy's, Milky Ways, one of those giant gummy bears that no one could actually eat, and end with something like Fruit by the Foot.  It's genius.  We couldn't believe no ones ever thought of this ;)

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