baby journal: week 19

Almost half way!!!  It's crazy how fast time has flown and even crazier to think that I'm almost on the down hill...holy moly there's still so much to do.  Stroller?  Gotta do some research.  Nursery?  Still has moving boxes in it.  Baby bump?  Workin' on it.

The funnest thing about getting further along is how active this little boy is already.  Honest to goodness he is always moving and I love it.  Kicking, squirming, and I swear he did a somersault in protest to some new tighter-ish maternity jeans the other day (get used to it baby boy - they look good on your momma and she's gunna wear them anyway). While it's all fun and bubbles in the belly, let's hope this kid quiets down a bit on the other side.  But I'm not counting on it.  Looks like this boy is going to be all Nemrow, aka: a lot of energy.  And a lot of fun too ;)

On an unrelated baby note: Gap Maternity sale rack.  Check it out.  I just did a quick run by the other day to see if they had any good deals, and came away with some ridiculous steals.  Sweaters for $6.99, tshirts for $1.97, cute tops for $4.95!!  What??!  I must have it all.  So I did.  Don't be surprised if I peruse that rack even after baby comes.  That's not weird, right?

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