last week

I could rewind and do last week over again and not be sad about it at all.  Brookie Sue, newly made BYU Cougar of two days, still needed to - ahem - graduate from high school.  Little details.  So all the sister-in-laws and cutest of nieces flew in for the occasion and enjoyed some quality sister bonding time.  It was so fun.

On Tuesday the ladies came up to do lunch, check out our new place, and stroll Colorado Blvd for the afternoon.  Oh, and whisk me away back to Orange County.  Dave wasn't too happy about that last part, but he joined us Wednesday night for graduation festivities.  He also got to meet baby Hazel for the first time which sort of melted my new-to-be-momma heart.  In a good way.  He's gunna be a pretty great daddy.

As seen above, we had a hard time keeping that babes away from the water.  She was pretty unimpressed by it, but there's something so fun about getting a cute baby wet.  Can't.  Resist.

Kristin and I also decided there was probably no better way to compare our twinner bumps than in our swimsuits.  Can't wait for our little cousins to be best buds come November!  

Later we got ourselves cleaned up and off to see our new graduate.   The big sister in me still can't believe this lady is in college.  So weird.  And great.  But a lot of weird.

Also, side note, the smell of that hot, rubbery track took me right back to high school running laps upon laps upon laps for cross country and track coaches galore.  I might have had a mini panic attack and then felt the most delicious relief when I remembered that I am now an adult and not a freshman in high school gearing up for the two mile.  Sweet freedom.  Funny how smells can do that to you, huh?

And David was a #1 uncle and kept little H entertained for a good portion of the ceremony.  Can you say baby fever?  This boys got it.

After we got Hazel and Megan off on a plane Friday morning - and mom and I did some serious relaxing - we geared up for the last festivity of the week: a baby shower!  Kristin was back off to Indiana Sunday morn, so her friends threw her a party on Saturday before she left.  We munched on delicious treats, played with baby toys, and had a grand ol' time.  That view of the Pacific from the back balcony didn't hurt either...

And that was a wrap. I just am never going to complain about a week spent like this one full of family, fun, and sweet babies.  Bring it on.

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