a star-studded weekend

When you live this close to LA (35 minutes if there is zero traffic - a rare thing indeed), you gotta take advantage of it every once in a while.  This was one of those such times.

My schedule Friday morning:
5:30 - wake up
7:15 - leave for Hollywood
8:35 - get to The Grove
9:00 - get wristbands to Clinton Kelly's book signing that night
9:09 - back on the 5 back to Santa Clarita
10:00 - job interview

It was a busy five hours.  And it was interluded by frantic meal and lesson planning before hopping on the road again back to LA for that night's book signing.  But, hey, we got to meet Clinton from What Not to Wear.
I'm not complaining.

And, yes, I most definitely thought long and hard about my outfit.
I know I wasn't the only one.

It was a fun night, and Clinton was a gem.  I could have listened to him tell stories for much longer.  So, thanks Barnes & Noble.  It is due to you and your lovely low key book signings that my famous people tally has made its way all the way up to two.  I'm feeling more like a real Californian already.

To keep the weekend in theme, Dave and I headed back down to Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday afternoon to play tourists.  When we moved here this was one of the things Dave wanted to do, and (a year and a half later) we finally got down to doing it.  I still want to hike to the Hollywood sign...
Another Saturday perhaps.

I felt like I needed to warn Dave...a lot.  Hollywood Boulevard seems like it should be all glamorous and lovely - the Oscar's are here, all the movie stars, the big, grand theaters - but it's mostly not.  Out of all of it, my favorite is Grauman's Chinese Theater with all the star's hand prints and signatures (the Harry Potter's stars and their wands?? I die).

All that being said, it is a Southern California must do, and Dave needed to be initiated into the club.

Sometimes it's fun to spend a Saturday just exploring your own backyard.

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