our friend Tim

Early Tuesday morning I hopped in the car, braved LA commuter traffic, and got in line at Barnes & Noble at The Grove to buy Tim Gunn's new book.

There just happens to be Barnes & Noble right down the street from us, but if I drove (an hour & 45 minutes) to LA - are you ready for it? - we could get wristbands to go to Tim Gunn's book signing that night!

We were, you know, a little excited about it.

I gotta tell you, I don't get star-struck easily, but we are pretty big Tim Gunn fans around here (yeah, even David), so this was a ridiculously fun night.  And he is just what you'd expect: striped suit, patterned shirt, and so gracious to all the people that were there to meet him - it was just like he walked out of our TV and into Barnes & Noble!

Needless to say, it was worth the early morning.  Tim is one nice guy and our new claim to fame is that he told David he looked good in his T-shirt and shorts (!!).  We completely enjoyed ourselves and wished we could have listened to him talk longer.

We now officially refer to him as our friend Tim.

P.S. We were thinking of you Megan & Kristin!  Tim says hi!

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