the not so miserables

In an effort to make our 1st anniversary celebrations last into September, my wonderful parents gave us tickets to see LES MISERABLES for last Saturday night and, honestly, I was living all last week for Saturday . . . and it took for. ev. er. to get there.  
Longest.  Week.  Ever.

But it was worth it because we had the best time.

First we Yelped and found a place to eat before the show, which turned out to be a wiener, I mean a winner.  We ate at Garage Dogs, which had more hotdog options than I've ever been confronted with, the yummiest strawberry milkshakes, and some killer sweet potato fries.  Sadly, any hotdog joint makes me crave a Jdawg, but this one held its own and was so yummy.  Five stars.  Recommended.  Go try it if you're in Venture County.

Due to my over-excitement we left for Thousand Oaks an hour earlier than we needed to.  (What if we were late?  I wasn't going to risk it.)  So we ate, we found the theatre, we walked around some darling shopping centers - seriously, really cute shopping centers, with tons of restaurants and outdoors seating around a little lake - and then we sat outside the theatre enjoying the warm evening, watching the clouds turn pink and the hills turn purple (and playing a bit of Angry Birds too).

Again, the show was totally worth the wait.  It was fabulous!  And since David had never seen it before it was extra fun to be there with him for his first time.  Les Mis is one of my all time favorites and a soundtrack that I grew up listening to around the house.  I've got a soft spot for it and a love for the story and its characters.  Luckily David loved it too (as if he really had a choice) and we left the theatre arm in arm humming all the songs.

It was the best night and one I'd love to do again, and again . . . and again.  (So please feel free to give us theatre tickets whenever you want.  We'll make sure to free up our schedule.)

Thanks again Mom & Dad!  We love you!


Betsy Hutson said...


Where is your shirt from? It's super cute!

Carly Michelle said...

Thanks Betsy! I got it at Gap, but I can't seem to find it online, they definitely have it in stores though :)

Jarelle Fuller said...

So fun, I'm slightly jealous!

Christa Jeanne said...

Glad you had fun! Isn't that theater lovely? I trekked all the way out there to catch a show once and wished I lived closer - it's just the right size, and so lovely to boot. Made me wish it was closer. So many fun places to explore out that way!