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I almost never paint my nails (clarification: I almost never paint my finger nails - my toe nails are turning colors due to a lack of exposure to sunlight underneath a constant coat of bright red polish), but today I did.  It's just a light pink, the sort of pink where you can barely tell I painted them, but I like it.

David is studying away over at the kitchen table.  I'm on the couch.  I'm really proud of him for working so hard.  He's a rockstar - but sometimes I want him all to myself on a Saturday afternoon.  I'm holding out for December & then I'm going to throw a "Woohoo! Dave's Done With His CPA Exams" Party.  Everyone's invited.

Tonight we're going to see Les Mis.  I'm excited for an excuse to dress up besides church.  

BYU is playing Weber State right now, but we don't get BYUtv so Dave is giving me updates from his phone.
BYU's winning.

And it is hot, hot, HOT outside right now.  I talked to a local Santa Claritian last night and she told me not to believe anyone about it cooling off around here for the winter.
I was hoping (against hope) that we'd get at least a little fall crispness over here, but I think it's going to be a no go.  Oh well.

Cheers for Saturday afternoons.

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