marriage, among other things

Somehow we haven't had ice cream in the house for the last couple of weeks.
I know.
I know.
I have no idea how this happened either.  We've been busy eating no-bake cookies and who knows what else and somehow ice cream didn't make its way back into our freezer til this Thursday.

The trouble is we've got quite a bit of it on hand now:

Count em'.  That's four gallons right there . . .

You see, I picked up two gallons Thursday afternoon (two for $5.00 of course - how could I resist?).
Chocolate for me and cookies n' cream for David.

Then I sent Dave to the market after work to grab me an avocado for dinner and he, being the cute, thoughtful guy he is, brought me home two gallons of ice cream.
Chocolate for me and cookies n' cream for him.

I laughed so hard when he walked in the door.
We know each other too well - more importantly we both knew it was high time we got ice cream back in the house.

Is he the guy for me or what?


Jarelle Fuller said...

I love that the only picture is of ice cream. I'm proud to call you my roommate:)

Christy Marie said...

I'm impressed Dave! That was such a sweet gesture. The real question is did he get the avocado? If he did then I am really impressed. His childhood days of going downstairs to get something and 10 minutes later coming upstairs only to ask why he went downstairs is over, and that would be a miracle! Love and miss you guys!

Carly Michelle said...

Christy! He remembered the avocado! We're making strides over here.