Yesterday I made the deliciousness that is s'mores bars for our Young Women activity.  I ate entirely too many and  we have left overs.  Those 18-year-olds let me down.  I wasn't supposed to come home with ANY.  Not that I'm complaining...

Our couch and rugs have been studiously vacuumed this morning.  I hate stepping on our bathroom rugs after they are all fluffed up and clean.  I will probably avoid doing so for the next hour.

I have finished grocery shopping for the rest of the month.  The plan is to not have to go back until May 1st (Except if I need milk.  We can't do without milk).

Dave & I just started watching season 4 of The Voice last night.  I actually think it's a really fun show...hooked.

I'm thinking about sell our little bedroom dresser on Craigslist - Dave wants to start the bidding at $500 - I'm thinking perhaps we ought to be a little more realistic...

I just started reading The Work & The Glory series by Gerald Lund for the first time.  I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I've enjoyed it so far.

We're going on a double date to the LA temple this weekend with my parents.  Stoked.

I just realized we'll be hanging with the fam this weekend, next weekend, and the weekend after next.  Double stoked.

And tonight I'm following this yummy recipe for Hawaiian teriyaki bowls for dinner courtesy of one of my best girlfriends.  I'll try to match up to her mad Home Ec. teacher skills, but I'm not sure I'll best her tonight.


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